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School-Wide Goals

Buffum TLC School Wide Goals 2019 - 2020

Aligned to District’s Strategic Plan

LBUSD Strategic Plan Goal 1:  All students will attain proficiency in the Core Content Areas.


Buffum TLC Goal 1a:  By June 2020, the DRDP end of year data will demonstrate substantial growth (10%+) in Outcome 1 and will demonstrate significant growth (5%+) in Outcome 2 and 3 in the state targets of Indicator 7 as evidenced by CASEMIS findings.


Buffum TLC Goal 1b:  By June 2020, Buffum TLC certificated instructional staff will engage and actively participate in Professional Development to increase their understanding of inclusion and inclusive practices, differentiated instruction, collaboration, and various teaching approaches as evidenced by Reflection Journals, individual and/or group work, lesson plans, and book study (TLAP and Inclusion Works).



  • Establish the structure and culture for universal access and continuous improvement by implementing best practices through the professional development of teachers and staff.
  • Maintain and develop high expectations for all students based on relevant data such as the DRDP, Big Day, site school-wide assessment, Pre-K Learning Foundations, anecdotal notes, student work, auxiliary assessment, etc.
  • Implement school-wide common assessments and data collection systems to promote authentic, timely assessment of student performance as a means to drive instruction.
  • Deliver a rigorous and relevant curriculum  aligned to the core content standards/Pre-K Learning Foundations.
  • Review school-wide and DRDP data at specified times of the year to analyze and make instructional changes, as needed.
  • Participate in CIV and analyze results from such visits to inform best practices, instructional strategies, and school culture overall.
  • Plan and collaborate with peers to present
  • Implement inclusive best practices, adapt learning environments, provide differentiated instruction and teaching approaches
  • Actively participate in Book Studies


LBUSD Strategic Plan Goal 2 – All departments and site will provide a safe and secure environment for staff and students.


Buffum TLC Goal:  By June 2020, Buffum TLC will follow District protocol regarding safety and security of the campus (security cameras and parking lot), conduct 1 fire drill per month with an average of 5 minutes or less, 2 Emergency Preparedness drills, and 2 Lockdown (Active Shooter/Armed Intruder) exercises as dictated by state and education codes.



  • Develop and implement strategies that will promote the emotional well-being of all students and staff
  • All staff will wear district identification badges DAILY
  • Inform and implement a school-wide Safety Plan to ensure a safe work and school environment for all students and staff
  • Implement and practice Core Values daily school-wide
  • Implement and practice the Bucket Filling program daily school-wide
  • Participate in school Awards Assemblies (5 per year)
  • Adhere to student supervision guidelines as outlined in Staff/Aide Handbooks
  • Adhere to District protocols regarding a secure and closed campus (i.e., security system, gated parking lots, etc.)
  • Adhere to VIPS, observation, and site policies to ensure a safe and civil campus


LBUSD Strategic Plan Goal 3:  To improve communication throughout the District and the community.


Buffum TLC Goal:  By May 2020, 40% of the "Parent Satisfaction Surveys" submitted will demonstrate improvement from the Pre-survey as evidenced by completed surveys.



  • Promote ongoing and open communication among all stakeholders that maintains a culture of respect, integrity, and inclusion.
  • Identify opportunities and implement plans to increase parent and business participation to support the personal and intellectual success of every student.
  • Ensure common understanding and interpretation of the District's Strategic Plan among all stakeholders.
  • Implement and practice Core Values daily
  • Establish and build rapport with parent, families, and community stakeholders
  • Ask and analyze data results to improve overall communication practices school-wide
  • Offer and provide Parent Education workshops throughout the year
  • Hold Parent-Teacher conferences and IEP meetings to communicate student progress